In order to carry out all the projects that our club is involved with throughout the year, each member is asked to join one or more committees. 

Name Chairs Description
Club - Governance and Bylaws Committee The Governance and Bylaws Committee is a committee of the Club Board and has primary responsibility for the promotion, review, and, as needed, changing of the club and foundations governance processes and bylaws.
Club - Membership / Growth Committee A committee of the Club Board, this committee helps define membership initiatives - such as Corporate Membership; member recognition and awards; member retention; and, helps build interest in joining Kiwanis.
Club - Nominating Committee A Committee of the Club Board, the Nominating Committee helps ensure that club and foundation elections are undertaken in a manner reflecting the Club Bylaws.
Club - PR / Communications Committee The PR / Communications Committee is a committee of the Club Board and is responsible for planning PR initiatives and helping ensure that appropriate communications efforts are being taken to promote the club, the foundation, Kiwanis, and the work we do in the City of Toronto for children and youth.
Club - Youth Services Our Youth Services Committee handles our club's interactions with and strategies for our Kiwanis Service Leader Programs (SLP) - which include the U of T Circle K, and potentially others such as Aktion Club, Key Clubs, Builders Clubs.
Foundation - Fundraising and Events Committee The Fundraising and Events Committee is a committee of the Foundation, and it helps direct and plan the fundraising initiatives of the club.
Foundation - Kiwanis Cares Kiwanis Cares is a committee of the Foundation, and it helps determine and direct the hands-on initiatives that the club undertakes in the community.
Foundation - Scholarships Committee The Scholarships Committee is a committee of the Foundation and helps plan and direct the annual scholarships awarded, interacts with the schools involved, and sets up the criteria and application processes.
Kiwanis Club of Toronto Board of Directors Board of Directors for the Club
Kiwanis Toronto Foundation Board of Directors Board of Directors