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Toronto Kiwanis members are a fun mix of younger and older professionals and entrepreneurs who come together to make a difference both in their community and in their own lives.  Members form lifetime friendships based upon mutual interests and a shared joy that comes from doing great things for others. 

As a member you engage like-minded professionals in your community, hear from interesting guest speakers – experts from a wide range of fields – at Kiwanis Luncheons and functions, and take part in various volunteer events to improve the community.

Members define what we do and who we help.  They initiate and develop projects as the needs and opportunities arise.  MEMBERS choose what's important, relevant, and will make a difference to others. 

Do you have a passion for service?... Kiwanis can help you realize it.

We'd love to tell you more about our club. Contact us and attend a meeting!

A Kiwanis Toronto membership provides you with:

  • An opportunity to help children and youth in Toronto - making a tangible difference in the future of our great city.
  • An opportunity to share your experience, knowledge, and time serving your community.
  • Great opportunities for personal and professional advancement through networking.
  • Affiliation with an internationally recognized service association.
  • A variety of social activities where you'll meet new friends and business associates.
  • Experience in leadership development through community involvement, training and club participation.
  • The Kiwanis Magazine featuring new insights, ideas and opinions from around the world.

What's it take to BE a member?

Here's some considerations...

  • Attendance at luncheons – The club welcomes a fascinating speaker once a month, and we have a business luncheon once a month.  These are the second and fourth Wednesday from noon to 1:30.  Each member's attendance is important, although it is understood that work or other priorities can get in the way.  Our luncheons are twice a month.  Guests are welcome, especially when a distinguished speaker is on the agenda!
  • Fellowship – Through attendance at meetings, events, committee work and social activities, there's lots of opportunity for fellowship.
  • We support the Kiwanis Music Festival.  Every February, members are asked to help out at some point during the Festival - often at a location near where you live, since the festival is throughout the city.
  • Committee / Activity Support– As a service club we support a variety of projects and activities each year, and there's lots of fun committee work and events that you lead.  We have a very substantial Foundation that supports numerous charities throughout the City, we provide numerous student scholarships, we support a Circle K club at the U of T, and much more.  It's truly a situation of getting back more than you give. 
  • Kiwanis Cares.  We've got a growing number of members and friends doing hands-on work through a group we're calling "Kiwanis Cares".  These hands-on activities typically directly support those most in need in our communities, and it's a great feeling for everyone.
  • Enthusiasm – We hope and expect each member to share his experience and enthusiasm!

How do I BECOME a member of Toronto Kiwanis?

If you are being introduced to the club through a member, then s/he will invite you to attend at least two luncheon meetings at which you'll get to meet the other members. 

If you don't know anyone yet, then contact our Executive Director (Hugh Williams) and he will connect you with a member / "sponsor" who will invite you to attend a couple of luncheons. 

The member is your "sponsor" and will help you navigate the club and and answer any questions.

Once we've got a chance to know you - and you us - we ask that you complete the application below and submit it; and, once accepted, provide payment for the annual dues that each member pays.  In 2017, the dues are $200 per year.  All the money from this is used to pay Kiwanis International expenses and club admin costs. 

We hope you consider us, because #KidsNeedKiwanis.


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