Board of Directors & Officers

Each Kiwanis club is governed by elected Board of Directors and Officers.

Name Position
photo Currie, Michael Past President
photo Dandele, Joseph Foundation - Director
photo Dunlop, Chris Foundation - Chair
photo Elkerton, Joseph President
photo Elkerton, Joseph Foundation - Vice Chair
photo Elkerton, Joseph Foundation - Director, Music Festival Liaison
photo Figura, Peter Secretary
photo Hermant, John TP Loblaw Charitable Trust - Chair
photo Karstoff, Chris Foundation - Director, Capital Assets
photo Knight, Deborah EC&C Lieutenant Governor 2016-17
photo Lyle, Laurie Foundation - Director Development
photo Lyle, Laurie President Elect
photo Richardson, Donald Foundation - Secretary
photo Simpson, Andrea Foundation - Director, Scholarships
photo Simpson, Timothy Treasurer
photo Simpson, Timothy Foundation - Treasurer
photo Sweetman, Charles Director - Events
photo Willson, Betty Director - Youth