Talent Hub

Here at the Kiwanis Club of Toronto, we’ve had the pleasure of hosting a diverse array of individuals, including employees, interns, and community members.


Not only have they brought valuable contributions to our organization, but they also possess extraordinary talents waiting to be shared upon our wonderful community!


If you’re eager to connect and explore exciting opportunities, we invite you to browse their talent profiles below. Whether you’re seeking networking opportunities, commissioning projects, or simply want to discover more about these remarkable individuals, this is the perfect place to start!

Jacob Bernstein

Video Producer, Portrait Photographer, and Graphic Designer
Jacob specializes in corporate video/photo and documentary style video.

Contact email: jakebernstein97@gmail.com


Abby Grace Bangod

Photographer, Video-Editor, Social Media Manager

Abby is highly proficient in event & portrait photography, video-creation,
and social media management as our past Digital Strategist Intern
Contact email: bangodabby@gmail.com

Dominik Kielbasa

Photographer & Videographer

Domnik is exceedingly proficient in capturing high quality portraits,
images and videos to influence the community to come together.

Deanna Fisher

Media Manager, Content Creator, Leadership Workshops and Training Facilitator

As our previous Program Manager Intern,  
Deanna brings her expertise working with various organizations.

Contact Email: dfisher.cki@gmail.com

Jennifer Mao

Video Producer, Brand Specialist, Finance Professional
Jennifer is proficient in Doodly videos,  helped managed East York Kiwanis’ 
social media, and holds a major in BBA & Fin Math!

Contact email: missjennifermao@gmail.com


Kristine Lorzano

Content Creator, Social Media Manager, Video Editor,
Affordable Videographer & Photographer
Kristine is passionate about storytelling and creating awareness
through content creation. 

She also finds joy in capturing candid moments for children
and photo ready people!

Contact email: freelancecckl@gmail.com


Contributions for the
Kiwanis Club of Toronto!

Dom’s photography for the 2023 Cocktail Royale

Jennifer’s Doodly video Kiwanis GTA

Kristine’s animation video for the Kiwanis New Year 2023-2024

Abby’s produced video “Kiwanis Superpowers” She asked our fellow Kiwanians what they think their superpowers would be in community service.